National Trust

Board members:
Henrik Møller, judge of the Faroe Court, chairman 
Símun V. Arge
Anna Maria Fossá
Elsa Østergaard
Kristvør Hentze Poulsen
Petur Flugger, deputy judge, is the council secretary.

The National Trust is appointed according to § 11 in the law of the Løgting no. 48 from July 9th 1970 about nature conservancy.
The National Trust states or changes decisions made by local Nature Conservancy Councils and decides whether applications on exceptions from the law and concerning issues on nature conservancy are granted.

Decisions made by the Nature Conservancy Board can normally not be presented to the court, but do compare to § 73 in the constitution, which is about expropriation.

The board is appointed for six years at a time, and the last time was in February 2012.



C. Pløyensgøta 1

FO-110 Tórshavn

Telephone: +298311003