Substitutes are appointed according to the law of the Løgting no. 147 from March 27th 1939 about substitution.

36 people are chosen, six from each district, who can be appointed members in a substitute council for each issues, when they appear.

The main work for the board is:

• Estimation of the land

• Decision making in quarrels concerning borders, right of property etc.

• Proposal for a substitution plan

• Final carving

In addition to this, the board also handles other affairs such as fence obligations and moving houses.

Substitution is pursued by a special substitution council, which is arranged with a chairman appointed by the Faroese Løgting, specialists in the Land Registry, The Environmental Agency and two other members (according to § 8).

The substitutes are appointed for six years at a time, and the last time was on August 1st in 2012.