The Evaluation Board

Board members:

Ari Johannesen, cand. merc., chairman Margreth Djurhuus, operations manager

Substitute members:

Súsanna í Búðini, farmer Jón Simonsen, operations manager

The Evaluation Board specialists:

Antines Iversen, surveyor technician, The Environmental Agency Barbara Mikkelsen, constructor, The Faroese Building Association Magni Dalsgaard, architect, The Faroese Architect Association Fía Selma Nielsen, The Faroese Allodium Association

The Evaluation board is appointed according to §§ 15 and 16 in the law of the Løgting no. 13 from May 21st 1954, which is about town plans and town plan by-laws.

The board undergoes questions concerning compensation in connection with expropriation amongst others according to the town plan law.

The board is appointed for six years at a time, and the last time was on December 1st in 2014.