The Forest Preservation Board

Board members:
Jóhann Mortensen, reporter, Kaldbak, chairman
Sigga Rasmussen, cand. hort., Tórshavn
Dánjal Petur Højgaard, biologist, Søldarfjørður
Maria Gunnleivsdóttir Hansen, Tórshavn
Jón Kragesteen, Tórshavn

Michael Jacobæus is the secretary and is head of department at Skógrøktini

The Forest Preservation Board is appointed according to § 2 in the law of the Løgting no. 53 from November 27th 1952, which is about plantations.

The board is for example appointed to inspect preserved plantations.

The board is appointed for six years at a time, and the last time was in July 2017.


The Forest Preservation Board

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