The Name Board

Board members:

Anfinnur Johansen, lecturer in philology, formaður

Heri J. Joensen, incumbent

Hanna Magnusson, teacher


Kristin Marjun Magnussen, ph.d student

Maria J. Niclasen, incumbent

Magni Joensen, teacher

The name board is appointed according to § 20 in the law of the Løgting no. 41 from March 26th 2002, which is about personal names.

The board is appointed for five years at a time, and the last time was on February 1st 2014.

The board’s task is to produce an instructive list with first names, and to revise the list regularly. The board shall also give advise concerning personal names, the spelling of the names, the inflect of the names and so on. The board’s task is also to spread knowledge of the Faroese naming custom, and to arrange for a publication concerning this matter. The board also decides whether personal names not included in the list of names are accepted or not.

It is the Name Board that decides whether or not personal names, which are not included in the list of names, are accepted or not.

The board also discusses applications concerning exceptions from the statutory, which states that names are to be in concord with the Faroese linguistics, when people are named after relatives.

A complaint concerning decisions made by the board can be sent to the Environment Agency. If a permission to make a change of name is needed, the Environment Agency can ask the board for a review, before the permission is granted. If there is any doubt if the name is in concord with the Faroese linguistics, the Environment Agency asks for a review from the Name Board. If there is a doubt in how the name is spelled or formed, the Environment Agency makes a decision based on recommendations from the board.


The Name Board
Fróðskaparsetur Føroya, the Faroese Language Department
Att. Anfinnur Johansen, chairman

V.U.Hammershaimbsgøta 16
Post box 272
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The Name Board

Personal names