The Reasearch Ethics Board

The assignment for this board is to asses and provide permission to undergo research projects in the Faroe Islands. The Research Ethics Board operates under the authorization of the law “Lov om et videnskabsetisk komitésystem og behandling af biomedicinske forskningsprojekter”, which was put in to force with royal administration in 2013.

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The Research Ethics Board
HMR, Eirargarður 2
FO-100 Tórshavn


Board members

Jens Andreassen, chairman, doctor and researcher

Gunnhild Helmsdal, doctor and researcher

Ann E. Østerø, head of department at the Diagnostics Department, LS

Oluf Færø, vice-chairman, cand. scient

Kári Purkhús, biologist

Poula Reinert-Petersen,  cand. scient. san

Armgarð Arge, cand. theol. and reporter