The Town Planning Board

Board members:
Gunnvá á Lofti, lawyer, chairwoman
Óli Johansen, surveyor technician
Armgarð Steinholm, engineer
Lovisa Glerfoss, technical leader
Gunnleyg K. Dánjalsson, head of section

Substitute members:
Jógvan Svabo Samuelsen, lawyer
Connie Á. Jacobsen, surveyor technician
Gunn H. Møller, engineer
Birita Wardum, town architect

Suni Petersen is the secretary for the board.

The Town Planning Board is appointed according to the law of the Løgting no13 from May 21st 1954, which is about town planning and town plan by-law.

There are five members in the board. The Minister appoints three members, which includes the chairman, who has to be a lawyer. Two of the members have to be experts in building. The Faroese Municipality Association chooses the other three members.

The Minister can ask the Town Planning Board for an expert opinion in regards to the processing of proposals for town plans and town plan by-laws and changes in connection with this.

The board is appointed for four years at a time, and the last time was on March 15th 2016.


The Town Planning Board

Traðagøta 38

Box 2048

165  Argir

Telephone 34 24 00