The Visitation Board

The Minister appoints a Visitation Board, which is to:

Produce and update guidelines concerning patients abroad

Deal with specific visitation matters concerning examinations and treatment at treatment facilities abroad

Only superintendents can present specific visitation matters to the council.

There are 8 members in the Visitation Board. The board is appointed after every general election for the Faroese Parliament. The members of the board are a part of the board until other members are appointed.


The Visitation Board

v/Tummas í Garði, chairman

Landssjúkrahúsið 100 Tórshavn

Members of the Visitation Board:

Tummas í Garði, assistant director, chairman,

Jan Simonsen, head of department in the Ministry of Health and the Interior, vice-chairman,

Hans Petur Nielsen, superintendent,

Malan Holm, superintendent,

Jan Jóanesarson, superintendent,

Súsanna Olsen, assistant director,

Hergerð Heldarskarð, head of the Abroad Service,

Aud í Soylu from the Ministry of Health and the Interior is the secretary.