The Department for Work and Public Health

The duties in the Department for Work and Public health are to examine individuals for illnesses or injuries that are work related, to assess their competence to work especially in connection with early retirement pension and rehabilitation. In addition to this, the department also provide for work consultancy, they provide consultancy for the working environment service and the ship surveyor service concerning work medical questions. Furthermore, they arrange prophylaxis work and carry out research activities in work and public health.

Since the department was established in 1988, it has arranged for many research activities in both medical work science and public health. These activities, which have been in a close cooperation with colleagues in Europe, the US and Asia are financed by private funds in the US, the UN and Denmark. A main aspect in the research is how pollution in the oceans effect the health of approx. 2000 Faroese children when especially concerning the central nervous system and immune response. These research plans will continue for many years to come.


The Department for Work and Public Health
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