The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health and the Interior and includes areas such as environmental protection, environmental research, energy matters and electrical inspections, plantations and land, maps and geo data, land register, registration and national register. The Environment Agency works for a sustainable development of the society by protecting the ecosystem and taking care of natural resources. The Environment Agency administers the land register and protection, coordinates maps and registration, provides services and researches activities within the institution. 

By making natural amenities visible and by informing and providing information about the nature and the environment, the Environment Agency focuses on implementing an environmentally friendly attitude and wants to invigorate a sustainable development.

The Environment Agency focuses on taking care of international agreements, which the Faroe Islands has put in to force. The Environment Agency participates in the Northern and international cooperation.

The Environment Agency strives to be an active administration with a firsthand expert knowledge in the areas, which the institution handles. Informing and providing knowledge for citizens, authorities and interest groups has a major role for the institution and this is for example provided through the websites and 

In addition to new services and new branches of industry, the Environment Agency also handles projects that once belonged to the Land Registry, the Registration Office, the National Register, the Forestry Authorities of the Faroes, the Environmental Department of the Faroese Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency and the Energy Department at the Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate. Energy was established as a part of the Environmental Agency in 2015-2016, while all the other new branches of industry were united in the summer of 2007.



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