The Faroese Pharmacy Service

The Faroese Pharmacy service includes Tjaldurs Pharmacy, Eysturoyar Pharmacy, Norðoya Pharmacy, Suðuroyar Pharmacy, the Regional Pharmacist Office and the Pharmacy fund.

The Faroese Pharmacy service has the sole and exclusive right to produce, import, export, store and pack medicine if nothing else is stated in the pharmacy law or regulations with authorization from the pharmacy law.

The main purpose for the Regional Pharmacist Officer is to inspect the medicine and others that are imported, sold and produced in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroese Pharmacy Service has for the past years worked on a project to update the medicine production for creating rational and competitive operations.

To preserve the distributing rights the Faroese Pharmacy Service has to have a specific production in the country and also fulfill the demands on cleanliness, safety and be able to document the necessary improvements.


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