The Gene Collection

The gene collection was formally established on June 1st 2006. The purpose for the Gene Collection is to arrange, build and administrate the tissue list, diagnosis list and heritage list and to discuss the authorization to research information from these lists, which also includes to demand payment for information and delivery that the Gene Collection provides admission for. This means that the Gene Collection is not an institution, but it is more an arranged unit of the health service, which task is to build up the so-called lists, to do preliminary studies and also discuss applications concerning permission to research in the information.

Even though the heritage list is not finished, yet some trial projects have started to ensure trials of the system. This is also seen in the incomes, which are payments from the projects that are used as payment for people that are clinically responsible in the health service and the laboratories.  The work is focused on fulfilling the heritage list so that bigger projects can start. The plan is that the Gene Collection will be funded by the income from projects that are to be started.


The Gene Collection
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