The hospital in Klaksvík

The hospital in Klaksvík has a common ward for the medical- and surgical ward, which has 28 sleeping accommodations.

The hospital in Klaksvík employs a medical superintendent and two surgical superintendents. Substitutes take care of the anaesthetization and residents take care of the resident duty. The back outpatient clinic and special treatment offers are for children. The hospital in Klaksvík co-operates with the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands when it comes to the special medical areas. There is for example a co-operation with and x-ray doctor. Occasionally other doctors in other special areas provide their expertise in urology, hand surgery and shoulder surgery among other things.

Once a week the research laboratory in the hospital in Klaksvík is open in the medical center in Gøtudali and in Runavík.


The hospital in Klaksvík
Sjúkrahúsbrekka 1
700 Klaksvík

Telephone no. 454545
Fax 457824