The Patient Hotel Tórshavn

Patients that are treated in Copenhagen or nearby can stay at the Patient Hotel Tórshavn. It is also possible for other travelers to stay at the hotel if vacant.

The employees at the Patient Hotel are Faroese.

The Patient Hotel consists of four floors and has 55 rooms. There are 28 single rooms, 23 double rooms and 4 rooms suited for disabled people. In addition to this, there are five apartments, which are especially considered for patients that are to reside at the Hotel for a long period.

On the second, third and fourth floor there are small kitchens with a stove, oven, refrigerator and a TV. The kitchen on the second floor is also arranged as a play area for children.

On the fourth floor there is a so-called ‘quiet room’, where it is possible to sit silently or to have a talk about pastoral care.

It is possible to sit outside of the Patient Hotel. There is a terrace and on all the floor are balconies.

A patient guide is also tied to the Patient Hotel. His or her job is versatile and is about providing patients and families advice and guidance in connection with treatments, examinations, conversations with doctors and so on. The patient guide’s office is at Ríkissjúkrahúsið.


The Patient Hotel Tórshavn
Venøgade 8
2100 København Ø

Tlf. +45 77336464

Guidline for patients going abroad

Consultancy for Faroese people in Denmark