For general advice about COVID-19, you can call the corona hotline tel.+298 304040 monday to thursday from 10am to 15pm.

If you need advice regarding a concrete case of illness, e.g. symptoms experienced by yourself or a family member, you should call your local GP week-days from 8am to 4pm, or the after-hours GP service on 1870.

Links to relevant information on the new type of coronavirus can be found to the right on this page (in english).

Below is a list of newsletters issued by the Departement of Healt regarding the coronavirus.

Tríggir tilburðir staðfestir - 19.07.2020

Ókeypis kanningarskipan heldur fram - 09.07.2020

Ein tilburður staðfestur - 05.07.2020

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