Alcohol and drug abuse

The Ministry of Health provides financial support for three treatment facilities in the Faroe Islands. These are Heilbrigdi, Blákrossheimið and Viðgerðarstovnurin Frælsi.

In the Public Health Plan from 2006, specific helath political initiatives were mentioned, which were to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in the Faroe Islands. These initiatives were:

  • Provide information on alcohol and drug abuse
  • Information on health complications due to alcohol and drug abuse
  • The number of alcohol and drug free environments should be increased
  • Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse
  • Campaigns with focus on preventing alcohol and drug abuse should be strengthened. This especially concerns campaigns intended for children and young adults.
  • The inspection on the import of illegal drugs should be more efficient and active

The new Faroese Alcohol and Drug Policy

The Ministry of Health is in the process of producing a new Alcohol and drug policy in the Faroe Islands. The overall objectives in the plan are

  • To detain the use of alcohol
  • To postpone the age for when young people start drinking
  • To make the Faroe Islands drug free
  • To develop and expand the treatment facilities for abusers and relatives
  • To reduce the medical and social injury causes due to abuse