Children's dental health

The statistics state that children’s dental health has improved vastly the last 20 years. 58% of 12 year olds have healthier teeth in 2011 compared to 12% in 1991.

A Northern research, which was announced in September 2010, showed that the Faroese 12 year olds had the 3rd best teeth in the Northern countries. However, there is always room for improvement. For example in Denmark 70% of the children in the same age have healthy teeth.

IN 1991 dentist in the Faroe Island agreed on registration all children in school for all dental diseases and by using the international guidelines presented by WHO. This to retrieve specific numbers to shed a light on Faroese children’s dental health. In 1998 a law of the Løgting about children and young adults dental health was passed, and it ensure all Faroese children up to 16 a regular dental hygiene check.

The SEF-registration is petitioned by the Ministry of Health, and it is published every second year.

You can find the report on your right side.

Northern quality measurement

In 2007 the nordic Minister Council started a project with the purpose of mapping, developing and strengthning a common northern quality measurement in dental health. See more here: