Compensation options

If you have had any injury in connection with an examination or treatment in the health service, or if you have been injured due to medication prescribed by your doctor, you have the opportunity to receive a compensation from the Patient Compensation Fund.

All treatments are done by authorized health employees and all treatment facilities, where authorized employees work, include patient insurance.

This means that the patient insurance includes injury in connection with treatment at hospitals, at your doctor, at a specialist or at other private and authorized health employees. The patient insurance also includes all injuries in connection with medication prescribed by doctors.

The patient insurance also includes injuries in connection with examination or treatment abroad assigned by the Faroese health service.

It is the Patient Compensation Fund that handles the case, and it is free of charge to report the injury to the Patient Compensation Fund.

It will be assessed if the patient has been caused an injury due to examination, treatment or medication, and if the injury is more serious than the patient’s illness, which he or she is in treatment for.

If this is the case, the Patient Compensation Fund assess the loss that the patient has endured due to the injuries. If the loss is more than 10.000 DKK concerning treatment injuries and more than 3.000 DKK concerning medication injuries, the patient has a right to be compensated.

Keep in mind that there are special rules concerning blood donors and organ donors. This means that the conditions for these people are less strict.

If you do not agree with the decision made by the Patient Compensation Fund, you can complaint the decision to the Board of Appeal for the Patient Compensation Fund, which is a part of the Board for Patient Insurance.

You can read more about these compensation options in the guideline on options for compensation. See more on you right.