Complaint options in the Icelandic health service

The National Hospital in the Faroe Islands has made cooperation agreements with Icelandic treatment institutions.

Faroese patients who have been treated in Iceland are able to make a complaint on the received treatment. The Icelandic authorities have the responsibility to handle the complaints from Faroese patients.

You can for example make a complaint about:

  • Health work
  • The service provided on the concerned hospital or treatment institution.

Complaints on health work

You can make a complaint on the health work of individual health service employees. Here you can make a complaint if for example if your illness analysis, treatment or consultancy/guidance has been dissatisfying.

Complaints on health work should be sent by letter to the chief medical officer in Iceland Embættis landlæknis,Barónsstíg 47, 101 Reykjavík. The complaint can be in Danish or English.

Complaints on service

You can make a complaint if you are not satisfied with the provided service. This can for example be the behavior of the employees or accommodation conditions.

Complaints on service in the health service should be sent to the concerned hospital or treatment/research facility.

You can read more about your complaint options in the guideline concerning complaint options in the Icelandic health service (link).

Make notice that the mentioned complaint options do not include injuries due to illness treatment. Read more about your options for compensation here (link)

Relevant laws on this area:

Patients’ Rights Act, No. 74/1997

Medical Director of Health and Public Health Act 1), No. 41/2007