Information about CTD

On this page you can find information about CTD. The material is intended for information to both CTD patients, relatives and citizens, who are interested.

On this page we want to describe the current knowledge on CTD, well-knowing that there are many other aspects of the illness that are not known, and that scientific research hopefully will be able to explain these aspects later.

The plan is to update the site as soon as any new knowledge or changes are made in the practical information on the illness. In September 2103 there were 30.320 CTD examinations made in the fall of 2009. In addition to this there are the examinations made with the PKU cards.

How can you be examined for CTD?

All Faroese people are able to be examined for the illness for the cost of 100 DKK, which is payed when you take the blood test (see places and hours on your right).

If you are born before 1985 and if your parents are closely related with a person, who has CTD, you can go to your doctor and take a free blood test. Close relatives is in this context parents, siblings, cousins or second cousins to a person, who has CTD.

The plan is also to examine Faroese people born before 1985 and chek their carnitine level.

With a point of departure in the blood test taken as a heel test or also called the PKU test a few days after birth, the caritine level of persons born from 1986-2003 are also checked.

These blood tests are accessible at the Serum Institute. The examinations started in February 2010 and are now completed. See status on your right.

Since the testing of CTD with the PKU cards is not 100% accurate, Faroese people with CTD symptoms should retake the blood test.

When can I take the blood test?

People who have not been instructed by their general practitioner to take the blood test have to pay 100 DKK in cash when taking the blood test at these places:

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands

The ambulatory (the blue building)

Monday – Friday between 8-11 o’clock

The hospital in Klaksvík

Monday – Friday between 8-10 o’clock

At the medical center in Gøtu

Thursday between 8.15 – 9.30 o’clock

The hospital in Suðuroy

Monday – Friday between 8-13 o’clock

At the medical center in Vági

Tuesday and Thursday between 9-11 o’clock

Information on your CTD test results

For your information it is only the people whose tests show negative results that get the results, and they are therefore contacted by the doctor.

Tests from adults and children

Tests taken from and until Desember 21st 2014. Will be updated again in week 4.

PKU cards (children born in 1986 to March 2013)

PKU cards (Children born in 1986-2003) – Starts from March 2003 and back to 1986.

The years from March 2003 to January 1986 are handled and the project is complete.

Material on CTD

A group with specialists has written important information about CTD. In the group were:

Allan Meldgaard Lund, superintendent

Ulrike Steuerwald, pediatrician 
Fróði Joensen, superintendent
Bjarni á Steig, leading superintendent

Brochure people receive when they do the screening test

View the brochure in Danish here

View the brochure in English here