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All newborns in the Faroe Islands have since March 17th 2003 been offered a so-called extended screening, where newborns are screened for the illnesses phenylketonuria and hypotheose and many other illnesses including CTD.

This so-called PKU screening project, includes the newborns whose parents have agreed to do the screening. From January 25th 2009 this extended research has been made a routine for all newborn children.

Screening for CTD is very effective, but since it is only possible to measure the carnitine level by using blood samples, the screening is not 100% reliable. Furthermore, antibiotics can have an effect on the test results. So if a person has CTD symptoms, it is very important to redo the screening and/or go to the doctor to do other tests.

If you want to know if your child has been screened for CTD on March 17th 2003 to January 25th 2009, you can call the Screening department/ research laboratory by using the phone number 30 45 00 local 5619 or 5600.