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Due to the fact that CTD is a rare illness around the world and is only recently confirmed in the Faroe Islands, there are several circumstances surrounding the illness that are unclear and need to be researched. For some children with CTD the illness has showed itself with ongoing infections, poor thirve of the child and reduced muscular tension. In some cases, the illness does not show any symptoms.

It is now clear that CTD in the Faroe Islands is serious in two ways:

1.       Many people with CTD are sick as infants, where they in connection with epidemics or other infections first show signs of lethargy and then go in an unconscious state due to low blood sugars. Furthermore, if the treatment with ceratine and glucose is not immediately put into force, the children may die.

2.       In other CTD patients the illness shows itself by gradually effecting the cardiac muscle, which in some cases can lead to a sudden death.