Development plan for the hospital service is handed over

Development plan for the hospital service was handed over to the Minister in Health and the Interior at a gathering on June 28th 2016. Read the development plan here.

In accordance with the Coalition Agreement, which among other things states that

‘The work with ‘the Vision and development plan for the Faroese hospital service’, which a united parliament agreed upon in May 2015 will take action. This work will be built on professional recommendation from all the relative sections in the hospital service’,

Minister Sirið Stenberg appointed a work group to produce a development plan for the hospital service.

The purpose is to produce a plan with three main parts that include specific recommendations to the political system, which should be re-evaluated. The development plan will be finished early this summer. The main parts are:

  • Make recommendations about which basic treatments/services should be included in the Faroese hospital service. In connection with this, recommendations are also made for each hospital, and how this is to be arranged in between the hospitals.
  • Make a plan for how to procure and advance doctors and other health employees to the Faroese hospital service.  
  • To estimate the financial necessity for the hospital service that gives the possibility to provide health services on a high level and the necessary work strength. The group also needs to give an idea on which tools to use to satisfy the financial need that will appear in the health service in the future. 

Sirið Stenberg, the minister in Health and the Interior, appointed groups that were to produce the development plan: a steering group, project group, specialist group and a political accompany group. View the participants here.

Development plan for the hospital service

Read the report here