Emergency service

The telephone number for the emergency service is 1870. The telephone always answers. Therefore, it is a vast difference from when the citizen had to call many different numbers and often did not receive an answer right away. The emergency service can provide consultancy by phone, send a general practitioner in your immediate environment to visit you or ask the patient to come by for an examination.

The aim for the emergency service is to achieve a new arrangement, which both provides the citizen a better medical treatment, and gives the general practitioners a better arrangement.

The emergency service works outside normal working hours for the general practitioners. This means that the emergency service is active from 16 to 8 o’clock weekdays and 24 hours a day on holidays and weekends.

The emergency service is located at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands. With these facilities and service that are provided there, the general practitioner has better opportunities to make the necessary examinations and tests and get fast results. This makes it easier to state the correct diagnoses.

The emergency service includes all of the Faroe Islands.

Call the whole country

The emergency service 1870 was put into force in Suðuroy, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Dímun. In this connection, a brochure was sent to every household in the southern part of the Faroe Islands.