Health research in the Faroe Islands

These past years the interest in health research in the Faroe Islands has grown sufficiently. Health research is organized in the Institute of Gene Collection, in the Department for Work- and Public Health and at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands.

Research in health in the Faroe Islands and in Faroese health affairs is very important, since it makes the Faroese health service an interesting workplace for doctors and other health workers, as it provides professional development and challenges. In addition to this, it is very important to be in the lead, when it comes to research in our own health relations, since it gives a good insight to our conditions, and also how our conditions are compared to other countries.

The Health Insurance Society Fund

The research council has the responsibility to maintain and distribute 28 million DKK., which was owned by the health insurance societies around the country, when they were abolished in 2010.

It is possible to apply for financial support for campaigns and projects that can develop the Faroese health care field, but who are not a part of the operation of the health care service. Read more about this on the Reasearch Council’s website.

The Health Insurance Society Fund

Read more about the Health Insurance Society Fund here.