Gene Research

The Gene Research Collection is a coordinated institution in the Faroese health care service, which is to arrange, build up and officiate:

  • Family ties lists (lists of people in the Faroe Islands for the last 2-3 centuries).
  • Medical treatment lists (lists of medical treatments stated in the health care service).
  • Tissue lists (biobank/lists with blood/tissue, which is granted for research).

The Gene Research Collection processes research applications that want information concerning the research lists and demands payment for the granted research and information.

Many projects are in process or in preparation – you can see more on the website

The Gene Research works as an authorization Ll. no. 62 from June 17th 2005 about research in human genes (the gene law).


The Gene Research Collection
Eirargarður 2, 2. floor
100 Tórshavn

Telephone. 601020
Fax 320572