Explanation of the law concerning the genome area

A work group in the Ministry of Health and the Interior handed over a report on August 21st called ‘Explanation of the legislation on the genome area in the Faroe Islands’.

The report is a result of the explanation made by the group, which has been working with the question since Desember 2013. You can read the report here.

Overall the group states that there is a law in the Faroe Islands, which ensures the citizen’s connection with genome research and genome testings. With this being said the focus is on the law concerning the Faroese Council of Ethics, the law on genes and the law on patient rights and the law on personal information.

It is however advised in the report to alter the above mentioned laws, and also to put into force a new law on the area. The reason for this is to guarantee the citizen’s connection with the gene- and genome resarch and testing.

On your right side you can read an abstract of the report.