Research in the Department for Work- and Public Health

The work assignments for the Department for work- and public health are:

·       to examine individuals for illnesses or injuries that are work related.

·       to estimate work competence especially in connection with early retirement, rehabilitation and work consultancy.

·       to consult the Faroese Working Environment Service and the Faroese Government Inspection of Ships.

·       to arrange for work preveting illness.

·       to carry out research work in work- and public health.

The department has since 1988 arranged for diverse research work in both medical science and public health. This work, which is made in a close cooperation with colleauges in Europe, the US and Asia, is financed with money from public and private funds in the US, UN and Denmark. A main factor in the research is to examine how pollution in our oceans effects the health of 2000 Faroese children with special focus on the central nervous system and the immune system. You can see more on


The Department for Work and Public Health
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Objective- and performance contract

Objective- and performance contract between DfAA and the Ministry of Health and the Interior see more here.