Better health services in the immediate environment

The Minister Sirið Stenberg has started working towards making the health service in the immediate environment better. On your right you will see presentations and news articles in connection with this.

All citizens should have the same access to health services

Campaigns should be promoted to make sure that Faroese people are guaranteed good health services in their immediate environment. The necessary steps to take, according to the Minister in the Health and the Interior, are:

  • To arrange the country into strong health areas with health centers, which provide a bundle of health services.
  • That the country takes over the consultations and other duties, which municipalities have.
  • To re-arrange hiring and wages settlements for employees in the health centers.
  • To take in three rather than two doctors that are undergoing a degree as a general practitioner.
  • To arrange a law, which provides the framework for the area.

Necessary to adjust a 100 years old general practitioner arrangement

The shortage of general practitioners is a serious challenge for many people. In most areas in the Faroe Islands the general practitioner positions are not fully employed and even though various substitutes do their best, the situation is far from okay. It is necessary to change this, so that all Faroese people have a good health service in their immediate environment.

The current general practitioner agreement came into force in the early 1900’s, when it was difficult to travel between towns and islands in the Faroe Islands. Even though the society has vastly changed over the last 100 years, there have only been made small adjustments in the general practitioner agreement.

This process states that the general practitioners’ arrangement has over time become more and more antiquated.