Healthcare in the Faroe Islands

The Home Rule Government of the Faroe Islands lays down the rules concerning the tasks, benefits and administration of the health service. The health care system is mainly based on publically provided and financed services, as the private part is limited to e.g. dental care and physiotherapy.

The Chief Medical Officer is employed by the Danish Ministry of Health. The Chief Medical Officer shares responsibility with the Danish Board of Health for supervision of health services in the Faroe Islands.

Hospital services are run by the Home Rule Government which defrays all expenditure on operation and maintenance. There are three local hospitals.

All practising physician are public employees, but they are mainly remunerated by the public health insurance scheme (Heilsutrygd). Physician services are administered by bothe the municipal authorities and the state authorities.

The midwife service is organized under the hospital services.

Pharmacies are run by the public authorities.