Special treatment abroad

Patients on and off need treatments, which are not provided in the Faroe Islands, and therefore it is necessary to send patients abroad for treatments.

The majority of the Faroese patients who go abroad are sent to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. In this connection, a new agreement is made between the Faroese hospital service and Rigshospitalet every year, which allows Faroese patients to be treated in the facilities at Rigshospitalet.

The law on the Faroese Hospital Service states that superintendents in the Faroese health service have the possibility to send patients abroad when there is a need of a treatment, which is not offered in the Faroe Islands.

Guidance for patients

The ministry of Health has produced a guidance for the patients that are sent abroad for examinations and treatments. The most popular questions from patients and relatives, who are sent abroad, are answered here. This guidance can be downloaded on your right.

Patient Hotel Tórshavn

The purpose of the Patient Hotel Tórshavn is to accommodate patients and relatives that are sent to treatments abroad from the Faroes health service.

Guidelines for followers

A guideline for followers of patients concerning cost for travel- and accommodations abroad see here