Mental Health

The psychiatric ward is the axis of rotation when it comes to mental health in the health service. The government of the Faroe Islands prioritizes this area very highly and wants to create better framework to ensure a great quality in this area in the future. A new psychiatric ward will be built and ready to use in 2021.

The focused work to expand and arrange the Faroese psychiatry is ongoing. At the psychiatric ward the treatment offers are updated by changing the treatments to more ambulant treatments.

The founding of a regional psychiatric team, which provides an ambulant service at the center and also goes out to all the regions.

The queue for an analysis in the child psychiatry is almost non-existent  

When the queue was at its most, the waiting for an analysis and treatment was set to be up to 3½ years. The patients who were in need of rapid help were of course provided help right away.

Today a child has to wait around 4 months to be analyzed in the child psychiatry.

The psychiatric law from 2009

The psychiatric law was put into force from October 1st in 2009. With this law the demands on the use of force in the psychiatry were made stricter, new orders were established and the patients’ rights under the use of force were overall strengthened.