An active Faroe Islands

The Council for Public Health arranged for ’the Movement years 2009-2010’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Interior. The purpose was to enhance a healthy lifestyle by making as many Faroese people as possible to be active on a daily basis. In addition to this, it also prevents so-called welfare illnesses. Many initiatives were made both local and around the country. Conferences called ‘An Active Faroe Islands’ were held across the country. A so-called ‘Week Outdoors’ was in May, where the purpose was to urge people to walk to work, school, to the store and so on.

In addition to this, there was a vast interest in the movement year, and various companies, institutions, municipalities, sports associations, schools, rest homes and leisure societies arranged for many campaigns. Many projects also developed through this movement year with focus on implementing movement and the importance of being active into schools and day-care centers.