The Digital health service

The digital health service is put into force in the three hospital  and at all the general practitioners. The digital health system (also called THS in the Faroe Islands) is a joint journal and communication system in the Faroese health service, and approximately 1.000 health employees use the digital health system on a daily basis.

THS contributes to guarantee a professional health quality, rational use of resources and that the patients’ course in the health service is coherent.

THS collects all information on patients in one system, so that all health information about the individual Faroese patient is available, whether you go to your general practitioner or a specialist, to examinations in a laboratory, or if you are hospitalized in one of the three hospitals.

Effect measurements of THS

An explanation of the effect measurements of THS that researchers from the business school have made for six months in 2009. See the explanation here:

Effect measurement of EPJ in the Faroe Islands

THS research projects

Here are the presentations and articles used in the lecture ‘The Dynamic Aspect of Trust in Implementation Projects’ and ‘Effect Measurements’ presented at Fróðskaparsetrið on Tuesday March 9th 2010.

Analyzing trust perceptions
Presentation HMR FO
Presentation UNI FO
Presentation seminar hmr